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The making of our Olive Leaf Gin
August 2020
The making of Olive Leaf Gin
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After five years of trials, our newest gin is here
Olive Leaf Gin
Our new savoury gin made with olive leaf tea and olive oil is textural and bright.

Tasting Hut


Savour the eclectic Tasting Hut experience at Dunalley Bay Distillery… and you may never want to leave. Truth be told, neither did we.

At Dunalley Bay Distillery, you can relax and unwind at your own pace overlooking our pristine bay with an array of delicious, locally sourced offerings presenting the best of Tasmania. Our Tasting Hut offers barista coffee, opulent patisserie delights, cheeses, local wines and craft ales, and of course, our very own boutique selection of artisan gins.

You’re welcome to slow down, sip and savour the moment here on our little slice of Tasmanian heaven. Be inspired by the view and sample what’s seasonally on offer. Relax within our visitor’s Tasting Hut or outside on the terrace, just metres from the sparkling waters of Dunalley Bay.

The Tasting Hut at Dunalley Bay is newly complete, combining rustic and reusable pieces with eclectic and elegant finishes. It’s a space where beautiful Tasmanian oak meets whitewash walls and red corrugated iron, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

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